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    Welcome to our Practice

    Chiropractic is an effective and drug free treatment

    The nervous system is the control mechanism of the body’s muscles, joints, glands and cells
    and our body can only function normally when our spine is balanced and our pelvis is stable.

    We Provide Gentle Chiropractic Care To All Ages from Babies to the Elderly

    Focusing treatment: We Use:
    On locating and reducing  nerve interference along your Spine which is created from the
    effects of daily stresses (physical, chemical & emotional)
    Gentle safe corrections utilizing a Variety of Techniques and Methods
    Correction of the nervous system allows the body to
    repair itself and in turn optimise health and well-being
    The most advanced and comprehensive chiropractic procedures
    These nerve interferences are referred to by
    Chiropractors as “Subluxations”
    To ensure the most efficient and cost effective recovery
     – Graham Tripp DC (U.S.A. Palmer Trained)

    Business Hours

    3:00pm – 6:00pm
    3:00pm – 6:00pm

    (07) 5539 9433


     Also located at Tweed Heads




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